Help is at hand for money remitters that need a safeguarding account with a cost-effective bank!       

All money remitters face challenges in respect of their banking facilities, particularly the medium to smaller size firms.  As a regulatory consultancy focusing specifically on money remittance, we have consistently been searching for banks that have an appetite to work in this sector and finally our hard work has paid off.  We are in the early stages of establishing preferential arrangements, but we wish to hear from firms quite urgently if you have any interest in establishing a new safeguarding account and operational account.

You need to be aware that we will be required to undertake a due diligence exercise, which includes a visit (which at the moment will be a "virtual visit" until the end of the lockdown), but this does not prevent us from on-boarding you on behalf of the bank.  The introduction to the bank, including our due diligence visit and report in support of application and we'd be happy to provide you with our terms of business once we understand your requirements.  If you have a preferred FX provider, please specify this when you write to us with your expression of interest.

If you would like us to add your name to the list for the preferential safeguarding service, please provide us with a brief outline of your company or a link to your website in the "contact us" section of the website.



FCA Compliance Consulting from I-FACT

I-FACT has a tested and proven record of success which is why we are now one of the leading Regulatory Compliance Consultancies in the UK today.

I-FACT is very proud to claim that none of our existing clients have ever been disciplined by a regulator and when firms who were being investigated by the FCA have called us in, our intervention helped to avoid any further disciplinary action.

We are big enough to offer a wide range of FCA compliance services, but small enough to care.

A choice of solutions for money remitters

Money remitters throughout the UK whether they are SPI's or API’s have had a difficult time since Barclays culled so many accounts 2 years ago. None of the other clearers rushed into the market to fill the void and many firms faced some severe challenges.

As a Regulatory Consultancy we have worked with money remitters since the PSR's first became law and with our experience and contacts we are our partnering a number of banks all of whom are "Authorised Credit Institutions in the UK" so they can offer a safeguarding account for money remitters.

If you need a safeguarding account ring (0345) 612 1211 to discover your opportunities. Click here for more information.

Market Sectors Covered

As a Regulatory Consultancy we have always been a catalyst to attract specialist consultants and our culture is to respond to the needs of the market both in commercial terms and regulatory terms. As the regulatory regime develops we have developed our specialist services and market sector Consultants and we can now provide service to the following sectors:

  • Home finance firms
  • Credit unions
  • General insurance brokers and secondary intermediaries
  • Managing general agents
  • Insurance product providers

If your firm is not included in the above list we would still be very pleased to hear from you and if we did not have a sector specialist that could be of service we would be delighted to introduce you to another Consultancy. This would be an entirely complementary service. Get in touch.

FCA Authorisation

One of our most popular services is to work with firms to achieve authorisation, and we have provided advice and assistance both directly and remotely to over 2,000 firms since our inception in 1996.

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FCA Exemption

As a consultancy we can work with you from authorisation throughout your career with regulated activities and if the regulator should intervene, work with you until we have the best possible resolution.

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FCA Intervention

Our strong recommendation would be for you to contact us as soon as you receive this initial notification; as an experienced consultancy who can take the stress and the strain out of the situation.

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